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Stone Island

About Stone Island

Year 2012: 30 years of Stone Island's history, dedicated to research and textile experimentation through ongoing and limitless detailed investigation on the processing and treatment of fibres and fabrics. A celebration that starts from the product, as for Stone Island that's where it always began.

The fall/winter ‘012 collection strongly represents excellence achieved to date as a whole, intersecting and transferring concepts and technologies with different materials, exploring the overlap of treatments developed over the years.

30th Anniversary Specials
The celebration in three pieces symbolic that each authoritatively represents Stone Island's history and methodology.

Tela Stella: the genesis, the origin.
In1982, Stone Island was founded with just one fabric in 6 different colours. Thirty years later, the exact replica of a piece from its first collection is available, a fabric inspired by a study on the technical and functional features of tarpaulins for military trucks.

Reflective Knit: playing with material.
Transferring technology from fabric to yarn, the ultimate in Stone Island research. Created using a Reflective yarn, built with micro plates covered with thousands of glass microspheres enclosed in a polyester net, printed using pressure/heat sublimation to melt the fibres and get an even surface with a jersey and high performance Windstopper® liner.

30/30: engineering the garment, the sum of the key Stone Island technologies.
Two garments in one, both reversible, which can be worn in 30 different modes. In Raso Gommato Prismatic Cover, a cotton-based satin coated inside with a prismatic polyurethane film, garment dyed with a double dye formula and in Thermo Reflective, a heat sensitive and reflective fabric knitted inside.

The Collection's Special Pieces

THERMO REFLECTIVE_ the meeting point of two of the most cutting edge lines of Stone Island's research: technology regarding a material's refraction of light and heat sensitivity - combined to create a fabric that reacts to light and modifies itself according to temperature.

ICE JACKET-J_ Research on thermo-sensitive fabrics extends to stretch materials. To make an Ice down jacket in light polyester jersey - on which a water and windproof polyurethane film is applied, and in which microencapsulated pigments are embedded - the pigments' molecules alter the passage of light and change colour according to the temperature.

The collection's aesthetic takes inspiration from authentic military and work wear, revised and transformed with new layering solutions that change the pieces through a careful study of weights and functionality of use.