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Marshall Artist

About Marshall Artist

Marshall Artist was born in London EC1 in 2000 and quickly became acknowledged as one of the UK’s best loved menswear brands.

The brand has been represented at some of the UK’s finest stores including Jones and Selfridges of London, as well as international stores including Colette of Paris and Ships of Japan. Marshall Artist has been spotted on the backs of many celebs over the years including Jude Law, David Beckham and the Gallagher brothers to name a few and has also been frequently featured in ID, The Face and GQ.

The brand is currently sold through some of the UK’s leading retailers including Flannels, Sa-kis and Intro.

In 2008 Marshall Artist appointed Creative Director Neil Maloney to breathe fresh life into the brand. He has over 12 years experience spanning an international career as an Art Director, Fashion Designer & Graphic Designer.

Neil has an extensive knowledge of brand building and an in-depth understanding of how creative businesses operate. He has worked across several design disciplines including fashion, branding, retail, broadcast and interactive design. Within his role as Creative Director, Neil has previously worked with brands including Levis, Nike, Adidas, Sony, MTV, Harrod’s and Polo Ralph Lauren.

So with our new Creative Director on-board we have set sail on a new adventure to rediscover the passion that first found us dipping our collective toes into the world of menswear. Over the past two years we’ve been feverishly working together to re-evaluate our brand’s true potential now we are a major part of a truly vertically integrated company.

Our brand philosophy and core values have always been the same: To produce socially relevant menswear that is ultra wearable while showcasing our British eccentricities. As our business has evolved so too has our aesthetical taste and this is very apparent throughout our collections. Our aim is to build a brand with longevity - In 20 years time we believe Marshall Artist will still remain as a staple British Heritage Brand.

Our aim is simple: Modern Tailoring for Modern People.